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Fall in love with Tavira

Fall in love with Tavira

Tavira lies on a river leading into the Atlantic sea, close to Portugal’s border with Spain. The sea may be the Atlantic but the human culture and the trees and plants are pure Mediterranean. It’s a place made for strolling: a compact arrangement of narrow, winding, cobbled streets and small squares, with stunning light and soft breezes supplied by its Atlantic backdrop.
In spring the scent of orange blossom drifts through the sunlit streets. In summer the powerful heat is mesmerising but its effects can be mitigated in one of the town’s many beautiful churches, in a café or restaurant, or on the fine, white sand of the island beaches – on Ilha da Tavira – a short boat ride away. Autumn sees perfect weather and reduced crowds, while for some it is winter’s cool brightness and quietude that makes the ideal time to visit.
The town’s much-loved landmark is the seven-arched stone Roman Bridge across the river. The heart of the old town – vila-a-dentro – is on the right bank of the river, while the left bank is often referred to as ‘the other side’ or ‘across the river’. Upstream of the bridge, the river is known as the Rio Séqua (or Asseca); downstream it becomes the Rio Gilão, which empties into the sea. A fairy story of the forbidden love between a Moorish princess called Séqua and a Christian knight called Gilão, who upon discovery threw themselves from the bridge, one to each side, is used to explain why the same river has two names.
A love story is all too appropriate for Tavira, a place many people fall in love with on first visit.
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Annett Mottlau

Annett Mottlau

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