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    July 13 - July 20
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    July 13 - July 17
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    September 14 @ 2:00 pm - September 18 @ 11:00 am UTC+0

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Rua Montalvão 7, 2 floor right. 8800-420 Tavira Algarve

New to Yoga

5 Things you need to know before you start your practice

Dress code

Bare feet and an empty stomach. Most students wear a T-shirt with shorts or footless tights. Baggy clothing is not recommended: the teacher needs to see the body’s alignment, and the action of the knees particular.


You are close to other people when practising yoga, so please wear fresh clothes, have clean feet and avoid overpowering perfumes.  

Medical Concerns

Tell your teacher before class if you have any significant health problems or injuries, or are pregnant or menstruating, so that alternative poses may be suggested.


Avoid eating a large meal less than 2 hours before class. We have water and tea at the studio to take after class. There is no need to take water into the studio.


Namaste means  “I bow to you.

How to make the Namaste gesture
To make the gesture place your hands together at the heart, close the eyes, and bow the head.
Although in the West the word “namaste” is usually spoken in conjunction with the gesture, in India, it is understood that the gesture itself signifies the word and is unnecessary to speak while bowing.


To register is easy, find a class you want to attend on our schedule and send an email to iyogaportugal@gmail.com requesting your inscription.

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Kind Words

Quite simply the best yoga teacher I have ever had!

Isabel Smith

I have worked with Annett for more than a year now, starting as a true and reluctant novice, and I have only great things to say about working with her. She has a very structured approach and an excellent way of describing what’s required as well as the objective. I would very highly recommend her.


I have been doing yoga with Annett now for 2 years, and i can say it has turned my life around. The lessons are in a fab little studio, done in a calm manner and her very clear approach to get us into the asana is brilliant. As a golfer and tennis player it has certainly helped keep my body going. I think she is brilliant and would highly recommend her as a teacher.

Colleen Fisher

Golf Player

Praticante de yoga há mais de uma década, depois de ter viajado pelo mundo fora, sinto-me todos os dias abençoada por ter encontrado a Annett e por ter a oportunidade de praticar com uma professora deste nível. É uma benção! Verdadeira conhecedora do Yoga e da sabedoria que transmite, é uma pessoa adorável, com uma simplicidade e humildade arrepiantes. As suas aulas são dinâmicas, têm rigor na execução das técnicas e ao mesmo tempo uma suavidade, que assim conjugados, promovem a evolução das técnicas, o conhecimento e o bem estar. Recomendo vivamente a todos!

Inês Appleton

As a 17-year old I am aware of how lucky I am to have started practising yoga with such a great teacher as Annett. She is strict yet very friendly and makes you feel comfortable from the beginning. I’ve learned so much with her about how the body works, what problems I have and why it’s so important to work on them, and she delivers this interestingly and with dedication which is quite inspiring. Thank you Annett!

Olivia Smith

Excellent lessons Annett Mottlau is a dedicated, grounded, strong yoga teacher in the sense that she is faithfull to every detail of Iyengar yoga and still remains her feet on the ground (if not in headstand...:-)) She is deeply rooted in the yoga - is brought up in a family of yoga tradition and therefor navigating safely in the many asanas. I can highly recommend Annett´s teaching.

Helene Krenchel

Annett is a dedicated, great Iyengar yoga teacher…her attention to detail, knowledge, careful accompaniment and gentle coaxing ensure your understanding and personal progress is optimal and without causing injury to oneself. I highly recommend her for both beginners on the yoga path as well as those who truly want to learn and understand about correct asana alignment in yoga - a key factor for physical and emotional wellbeing.

Paula Kehoe

a very good teacher for Iyengar Yoga I did the first time Iyengar Yoga and really like the style Annett teaches. She has a broad knowledge about the body and also medicine aspects and uses this with her longterm experience about Iyengar Yoga. Can only recommend her to Yoga experienced and also Yoga beginners. She's tough but great.

Melanie West

Very experienced and excellent Iyengar yoga teacher Annett is an experienced and dedicated yoga teacher with a strong passion for Iyengar yoga. she sees all the details and knows how to align you poperly. Also when you have physical issues she knows how to give you alternatives that helps you heal your body! Highly recommended!

Esther Schenkel

Attending regular Yoga classes since one year with Annett, really improved my overall wellbeing, can’t wait to resume this Autumn, the very clear, structured and professional teaching of Iyengar yoga. See you very soon Annett !

Laila Sørensen Alves Monteiro

After my very first yoga class with Annett, some years ago, I felt she was nothing like i had done before through my previous years of Hata and Astanga yoga. It was like a complete RE-start. She corrected almost every asana i thought i was doing right ! Amongst many things I learned alignment.. She is the best teacher i have ever had and I feel so grateful i crossed her path. I can only say : yes ! Come to Portugal and enjoy Annett’s teachings for a unique yoga retreat in a magical place in Europe. Cheers, Carole.

Carole Ducoin

My 40 year practice of Iyengar yoga has led me to many teachers in many places. Nothing in my ‘journeys’ surpassed (or prepared me for that matter) for the clarity, nurturing and insight of Annett’s classes. It was a privilege to receive her teaching and a blessing to become her student. lskmuse 2014

Laura Shapiro Kramer

In 2011 I read an article in a New York newspaper about Iyengar Yoga being taken seriously by doctors in helping patients with back pain. Having just been diagnosed in hospital with chronic and acute back pain as a result of two almost non – existent discs, I sought a local teacher. Supported by my Osteopath I found Annett and my life changed over the last two and a half years. I was desperate for help but didn’t really expect yoga to work but in the time I have been doing yoga with Annett I have only had one “episode” with my back instead of the three monthly meltdowns which had become the norm.

Gail Thompson

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